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Mouvex Typhon II InterCooler


The most common international tipper silo compressor type.

The Mouvex Typhon II IC compressor is a high-capacity (up to 1,130 m3 / h), air-cooled, small-space screw compressor designed for international tipper silo applications. Its delivery performance is optimal for emptying plastic granules, feed and other food and construction materials. It has one of the lowest tare weight on the market, is at least 100 kg lighter than its V-belt competitors and has the smallest installation size (535 mm) leaving the most space for a fuel tank or other fitting (e.g. hydraulic oil tank) on the chassis side.

The biggest advantage of the system is its availability and our repair capabilities, so we are constantly stocking a new compressor system, refurbished and used compressor bodies and used accessories (air filter housing, pressure branch noise reduction).

As the sole distributor in Hungary, we can repair Mouvex screw compressors with our own service team and based on factory technology and components. 


  • Minimum weight
  • Minimum installation size
  • New, refurbished and used compressors in stock
  • Reliable, durable and durable construction

Mouvex Typhon II. technical information

Mouvex DDIC compressor accessories

Mouvex DDIC Parts catalog



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Alkalmazás: vörösiszap poranyag szállítása hátrabillenő tartályban; Vontató: Scania S450, Kompresszor: Mouvex Typhon II 20R, PTO: Hydrocar P90S dupla mellékhajtás

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