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Hydraulic systems for special applications

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Individually designed hydraulic systems for the operation of individual semi-trailers and special applications

The advantages of a hydraulic system assembled from the products of quality manufacturers are long-term operational safety, aesthetics and low dead weight. The built-in level indicator in the Padoan aluminum oil tank allows you to simply load the required amount of oil into the tank and avoid excess weight (hydraulic oil) on the tractor. Other distributors fill the tank with oil up to the level indicator for that tank, regardless of the trailer the vehicle is towing.

For special applications we install stainless steel oiltanks to withstand the toughest environment.

The built-in aerator and oil filter are easily accessible for periodic maintenance. The Hydrocar internal cab control  is small in size and can be integrated into the instrument panel. It fits aesthetically to today’s modern cabs and provides easy access for the driver. The 80-liter axial piston pump manufactured by the German BOSCH Rexroth for tipper systems is of outstanding market quality and has a low dead weight due to its aluminum construction. Alternatively, we also build the systems with a Hydrocar 90 liter gear pump, which is a more economical

The galvanized swivel hose bundle baffle provides a permanent truck-trailer connection, the hoses do not break, do not rub out and are long-lasting. The unique design, the quality overhead materials (galvanized fittings, hose protection plastic spiral cover), the high-viscosity hydraulic oil (HV-32) designed for special needs all enable long-term operational safety and quality.


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum oil tank with oil and aeration filter
  • Tank-top control block with sophisticated plastic cover
  • Oil level to suit individual needs (trailer)
  • Quality and high performance (80-90 liters / minute) pumps
  • Galvanized hose bundle guide bracket in position in front of the saddle
  • Small, in-dash internal control lever
  • Service background, spare parts supply, technical support

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