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Heavy duty trailer ramp moving hydraulic systems

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Every Euro VI double-deck tractor is a challenge when building a hydraulic system. The lack of space requires unique solutions, so each tractor will have a unique oil tank, which will be built either between the chassis or behind the cab. The advantages of a hydraulic system assembled from the products of quality manufacturers are long-term operational safety, aesthetics and low dead weight.

The 64 liter axial piston pump manufactured by the Hydrocar for tipper systems is of outstanding market quality and has proven reliable on the long-term

The galvanized swivel hose bundle baffle provides a permanent truck-trailer connection, the hoses do not break, do not rub out and are long-lasting. The unique design, the quality overhead materials (galvanized fittings, hose protection plastic spiral cover), the high-viscosity hydraulic oil (HV-32) designed for special needs all enable long-term operational safety and quality.


  • Connection according to individual needs (trailers)
  • Oil tank tailored to individual requirements (tractor)
  • Quality (30 liters / minute) hydraulic pumps
  • Galvanized hose bundle guide bracket in position in front of the saddle
  • Service background, spare parts supply, technical support

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