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Walking floor hydraulic systems

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Quality, durable and light hydraulic systems for operating walking floor semi-trailers

The advantages of the two-circuit walking floor hydraulic system assembled from the products of quality manufacturers are long-term operational safety, aesthetics and low self-weight. Properly sized 170 liter aluminum oil tank provides adequate cooling for oil and return oil filter ensures cleanliness. We build our wlakingfloor systems with a Hydrocar 120 liter gear pump, which provides teh fastest discharge on the market.

The galvanized swivel hose bundle baffle provides a permanent truck-trailer connection, the hoses do not break, do not rub out and are long-lasting.

The unique design, the quality overhead materials (galvanized fittings, hose protection plastic spiral cover), the high-viscosity hydraulic oil (HV-32) designed for special needs all enable long-term operational safety and quality.



  • Lightweight and durable aluminum oil tank with oil and aeration filter
  • Tank-top control block with sophisticated plastic cover
  • Oil level to suit individual needs (trailer)
  • Quality and high performance (120 liter gear / 108 liter piston) pumps
  • Galvanized hose bundle guide bracket in position in front of the saddle
  • Small, incab control
  • Service background, spare parts supply, technical support

Our References

Scania S500


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Mozgópados hidraulika kiépítések