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Mouvex Typhon


The perfect compressor for animal feed discharge.

The Mouvex Typhon compressor is a high volume (max. 1,130 m3/h), small-space, direct driven screw compressor designed for weight-sensitive feed transport tasks. Its transport performance is optimal for emptying grain and granular feed. Its unladen weight is one of the lowest on the market, at least 200 kg lighter than that of its V-belt competitors, and the permanent air connection between the tractor and semi-trailer can be practically created by piping the pressure pipe with a unique stainless steel swivel adaptor.

The system can also be equipped with an air cooler, so high temperature sensitive loads can be unloaded as well. An oil cooler fitted as an accessory to the compressor ensures continuous operation even when discharging several times a day (6-8 times). The compressor is fitted with an original Donaldson PowerCore, high-performance, cyclone pre-filter air filter for which the cartridges are widely available (approximately 30 times greater filtration capacity than Welgro coconut filters and 50 times greater than GHH flat filters). Unique noise reduction solutions (triple-walled stainless steel pressure hose) and a compressor built into the chassis result in lower operating noise levels than any competitor. The reinforced support bracket, separately mounted accessories and individual covers all ensure long-term durability and low maintenance in poor road conditions.

As the sole distributor in Hungary, we can repair Mouvex screw compressors with our own service team following factory technology and components.

 Instructions for use and maintenance for Mouvex Typhon II 20R InterCooler  



  • High air production volume - fast emptying
  • Screw compressor technology - clean air produced
  • Permanent stock
  • Refurbished and used compressors in stock
  • Market-leading non-return valve technology

Areas of application:

  • For emptying granular and pelletised feed
  • For emptying feed and food powder materials (e.g. limestone or flour)

Technical features:

  • 1.130 m3/hour air production capacity
  • 2.5 bar nyomástermelési kapacitás
  • Compressor dead weight:      143 kg
  • System dead weight:             250 kg
  • Can be built with air recooler




Our References

Bonafarm-Bábolna Kft.

Kompresszor: Typhon 20R, vontató: Mercedes-Benz Actros, PTO: Hydrocar P88M1 1:1,8, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Gallus Kft.

Kompresszor: Typhon 13R/15L, vontató: Renault T-Modell, PTO: PTRD-D2, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Horizont 98’ Kft.

Kompresszor: Mistral 20R, vontató: Scania R450, PTO: EG671PF, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Karát Broiler Kft.

Kompresszor: Typhon 20R, vontató: MAN TGS, PTO: NAS/10b 1:1,8, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Monortáp Kft.

Kompresszor: Typhon 20R, vontató: Volvo FM, PTO: PTR-FH, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Tranzit-Ker Zrt.

Kompresszor: Typhon 20R, vontató: Scania P450, PTO: EG670F 1:2,00 légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

Y-Takarmányipari Kft.

Kompresszor: Typhon 20R, jármű: MAN TGX, PTO: NTX/10b 1:1,78, légszűrő: Donaldson PSD10

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