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Mouvex B200


The world's lightest and most powerful liquid screw compressor.

Mouvex B200 is a screw compressor designed to discharge liquids and can be mounted directly on the PTO. The delivery capacity is the highest (up to 180 m3/h) among liquid compressors, thus ensuring the shortest discharge time.

Being a screw compressor, it is suitable for emptying all food, pharmaceutical and chemical products. To keep the compressed air temperature low, the system is equipped with an air cooler. In the case of products where high temperature air is useful, the air at 150-170 ° C is not cooled back, thus helping to empty the load.

Excess air is discharged by an automatic valve, so the tractor is programmed to a fixed engine speed, for which we select a PTO so that the truck has the lowest fuel consumption (between 750-900 rpm). The compressor, like a hydraulic pump, is mounted directly on the PTO, so no compressor bracket or drive shaft is needed.

The B200 is the lowest self-weight liquid compressor on the market. We build an original Donaldson, high-performance filter for the compressor, for which the filters are widely available.



  • The lightest compressor on the European market
  • High air production volume - fast discharge
  • Screw compressor technology - clean air produced
  • No drive shaft – low maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant coating on both the rotors and the housing
  • Economical conversion option to a new tractor

Areas of application:

  • Drainage of liquids in the food industry (oils, isosugar, etc.)
  • For emptying bitumen - the advantage is the high (200 ° C) pressure air temperature
  • Discharge of chemical liquids (nitrosol, etc.)
  • Discharge of pharmaceutical liquids

Technical features:

  • 180 m3/hour production capacity
  • 2.5 bar pressure production capacity
  • Compressor dead weight:      26,5 kg
  • System dead weight:             50 kg
  • Can be built with air recooler and condensate drain valve





Our References

Baltrans Kft.

Kompresszor: B200 12R levegőhűtővel, vontató: Renault T-Modell 6x2, PTO: PTR-DH szivattyús, gyors áttételű, légszűrő: Donaldson

Waberer’s Container Logistics Kft.

Kompresszor: B200 12R, vontató: DAF XF 6x2, PTO: Hydrocar P86Z1 1:1,8, légszűrő: Donaldson

Farkas-Trans Kft.

Kompresszor: B200 12R levegőhűtővel, vontató: Mercedes Actros MP5, PTO: ……., légszűrő: Donaldson

West-Bridge Kft.

Kompresszor: B200 12R, vontató: Mercedes Actros, PTO: , légszűrő: Donaldson

Éder Zoltán e.v.

Kompresszor: B200 12R, vontató: DAF XF, PTO: Hydrocar P86Z1 1:1,8, légszűrő: Donaldson

Other informations

Other informations

Donaldson Alexin

  • Donaldson Alexin
  • rain cover
  • traditional cylindrical paper filter
  • clogging indicator
  • waterproofing provided by a heat shrink tubing

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