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Who we are


Compressors division

The compressor division is the exclusive dealer and service partner in Hungary of the premium quality compressors manufacturer MOUVEX. Our goal as a distributor of this innovative, lightweight and low-maintenance Mouvex compressors is to ensure the transporters of cement, flour, animal feed and plastic granules are supplied with the most efficient compressor systems. For hauliers transporting chemical and foodstuff liquids, we build Mouvex compressors as well as Blackmer and Unibloc pumps on tractors and semi-trailers.


Hydraulics division

The hydraulics divison is a distributor of Padoan, Italian manufacturer of premium oil tanks and Hydrocar, quality manufacturer of hydraulic components like pumps and valveblocks. Our goal is to build the highest quality truck hydraulic systems for our tipper, moving floor and fuel tank transporter customers with trusted suppliers, technical advice and a large inventory.

We are known on the market as the only installer of hydraulic wet-kits offering 3 year warranty conditions.


Silo trailer division

The silo trailer trade business operating within Keczán és Társa Kft. serves customers transporting cement, flour, animal feed or plastic granulates with new and second-hand semi trailers. As a distributor of the German Spitzer and Heitling as well as the Italian OMEPS tank trailers we have constant stock of highly specified vehicles. The traditional Spitzer cement, animal feed and flour semi-trailers represent tradition on the market alongside the well-known Feldbinder brand.

OMEPS is a premium Italian manufacturer of specialised silo semi-trailers. The very high level of adaptability of an OMEPS trailer to the dedicated transport job makes efficient solutions for customers’ needs.

Heitling of Germany is a manufacturer of specialised animal food trailers with efficient and durable tipper and tank superstructures and trailers. The unique feature of a Heitling with steered axles provides unparalleled manouverability in difficult road conditions.

Our goal is to build a Hungarian knowledge base where tanker companies can find the right vehicles for their personalized needs. Our commitment is demonstrated by the dedicated chassis alignment accident repair workshop and a dedicated piainting booth located at the Nyíradony site. At this site, we perform the repair of accident vehicles and the maintenance of tank trailers.